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Data Security. How do you look at it?

There are so many different ways to backup data, but is your data secure?  That is the real question here.  And beyond that, how fast can I get my data back in the event of a disaster?  It’s best to not just look at this from the data backup perspective, but from the recovery perspective.  Let’s start here.  In the event of a total catastrophe…say a hurricane knocks down your building, how fast would you need that data back to get your business up and running?  And do you just need that data, or do you need the programs that make all of your data work?  Your invoicing system?  Your parts management system?  Your accounting system?  Dispatching software?  It’s much deeper than just backing up those loose files.  Every minute that you are down is costing your a lot of money.  So always start by asking this question:  If my server goes down, how fast do i need that entire server back up and running?  How does 30 minutes sound?  We can do that!

Posted in: Data Security

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